Happy Dog Care - FAQs



Have questions about what to expect when you take your dog to Happy Dog Care? See answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Q,What does the visit involve?
A, A visit will be conducted by one of our trained staff with every dog before bringing them into our daycare center. Our trained team will talk to you about your dog’s history and health. Once complete. We then begin bringing other dogs into a controlled area two at a time to assess the comfort level of your dog. Our team will observe how your dog interacts with the other dogs to determine their suitability for daycare, boarding & walks.

Q, How does Lunchtime work?
A, Food is prepared exactly as requested by each owner and all dogs are fed in seperate areas, no problem if yougurt or gravy needs adding.

Q, What if I forget to bring my dog’s food or bedding?
A, No worries all Happy Dog Care facilities come fully equipped with bedding, Food, blankets and bowls.

Q, I have an older dog, what steps will you take to ensure that they are comfortable?
A, We will ensure they are kept warm indoors for as long as they like, with comfy bedding and lots of love and care, our trained staff will also administer any medication or injections.

Q, What are the benefits of dog daycare?
A, It will give you and your dog a safe environment to play and run, it will also help with their socialization and help them to stay fit and active.

Q, What boarding options are available?
A, At Happy Dog Care we offer a home away from home service for overnight and weekend boarding in a comfy large bungalow, with human iteraction provided at all times.

Q, What happens if there’s an incident between my dog ?
A, At Happy Dog Care, we strive to create a safe environment for dogs but we acknowledge that not every dog will get along. Our staff are trained to understand dog body language, and if we see that a dog is becoming agitated, we will take steps to remove that dog from the situation before it escalates.

A, We do acknowledge that the occasional conflict may occur. That’s why we train our team to recognize these situations and remove a dog that may cause problems with others.

Q, What vaccinations are required for my dog to stay at Happy Dog Care?
A, At Happy Dog Care, your dog’s safety and wellbeing is our first and foremost concern. That’s why we have a number of measures in place such as pet-friendly cleaning supplies.
We require that all dogs are current on required vaccines. Vaccinations must be given by your vet at least 7 days prior before attending Happy Dog Care.
DHPP and Bordetella. Additionally, we ask that all dogs are upto date with worming and de-flea.

Q, Do I need to bring my dog on a lead?
A, Yes! We require that all dogs are on a lead with a collar/harness and name tags.

Prior to Booking Online

Create an account on our website and fill in our booking form found at the footer of our website. E-Mail us copies of annual vaccinations including bordetella last dates of De-Flea and worming.

We will then contact you  to arrange a visit with your dog to the Happy Dog Care Center. In addition this will help us to create a bond with your dog and for you to feel comfortable with happy dog care.

We will conduct a short introduction session this will ensure your questions are answered and your dog’s health and training experiences are recorded.

We do not breed discriminate, we love and respect all dogs and if your dog is friendly and interacts well with other dogs and humans they will be accepted regardless of the breed. We group dogs by size, temperament and energy level.


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