Happy Dog Care | Prior To Booking


You must create an account on our website and fill in our booking form found at the footer of our website. Copies of annual vaccinations including bordetella last dates of De-Flea and worming must be emailed to us before booking or visiting. We will then contact you within 24Hrs. In addition this will help us to create a bond with your dog and for you to feel comfortable with happy dog care. 


We will conduct a short introduction session this will ensure your questions are answered and your dog’s health and training experiences are recorded. We do not breed discriminate, we love and respect all dogs and if your dog is friendly and interacts well with other dogs and humans he will be accepted regardless of the breed. We group dogs by size, temperament and energy level.


Dogs must be at least 4 months old and cleared by a veterinarian to interact with other dogs. Dogs must be spayed and neutered by 6 months old. We ask that you don’t bring your dog to Happy Dog Care within 7 days of a vets or groomers visit, dogs can pick up airborne illness at the Vets & Groomers. All bookings must be done online and paid for in advance, you can pay with Pay Pal or Debit/Credit card, we will not accept your booking until proof of De-flea, Worming, Vaccines, Booking Form completed, Website account created and payment has been received in full.