Dog Bark Collar with Vibration PetMania, No Bark Collar, NO SHOCK, Harmless and Humane, Training and Anti Bark Collar, 7 Progressive/Adjustable Levels

✔SAFE & HUMANE – We know you love your best friend but their barking is an issue. That is why the PetMania Bark collar is effective, safe and humane as there is no shocking involved. It uses vibration and high frequency sound to effectively stop barking without causing any distress or harm to the dog. So Order Yours Today! And Train your dog the safe way and the right way!
✔PROGRESSIVE TRAINING – the new innovative & uniquely designed PetMania collar has 7 progressive levels to safely & efficiently stop barking. It is reliable, effective and the BEST on the market!
✔SUITABILITY- Every dog is unique & different, that is why our collar is designed for dogs between 5kg to 50kg with neck size 7-22 inches & allows you to adjust the sensitivity for any dog breed. So why wait! Make your dog’s excessive barking stop! Click on ADD TO BASKET and help your dog.

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Premium Dog Choke Chain Collar, M-L: 35-50 cm/20 mm, Black

Super stylish, sturdy choke collar
Made from high quality nylon material
Strong metal chain and clip ring

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Ruffwear Cinch Collar for Dogs

DESIGNED FOR TRAINING: The Chain Reaction Collar’s limited cinch design provides limited correction with an audible cue, making this collar a great training tool for controlled, leashed walking.
SILICONE TAG SILENCER: The silicone tag silencer is built to reduce the amount of jingle in your dog’s collar. Enjoy some peace and quiet as you hear only the amount of jingle that you need to hear. The Chain Reaction Collar also features a Quick Ring which allows you to easily add or remove ID tags.
SECURE LEASH ATTACHMENT POINT: In addition to the chain attachment point, the Chain Reaction Collar also features a single-piece, anodized aluminum V-ring attachment option, making it easy for you to attach a leash to the collar for walks.

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Trixie Premium Semi-Choke Dog Collar, Small/Medium(30-40cm/15mm), Red

Used for training and or safety purposes.
Half check collars are also known as martingale or combination/combi collars.
Premium Half Check Collar, continuously adjustable tape leash with stop.

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