Halti Headcollar

The HALTI Headcollar, is simple to fit and easy to use and its unique patented design is a highly effective but gentle way to stop dogs from pulling on the lead
It works by steering the dog’s head in the direction the owner wants to go and therefore the body has to follow, ensuring a comfortable lead walking experience for all
Designed by Dr Roger Mugford in 1979, it is the original and still the best headcollar available, recommended by vets and animal experts worldwide

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Mikki Training Walk-Ease Headcollar_PARENT

Kind control to stop and prevent your dog from pulling
Safe and secure fit that attaches to your dog’s own collar
Comfortable with padded nose band and fully adjustable head strap

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The Company Of Animals Halti Dog Headcollar

Dog headcollar.
Stops dogs pulling on the lead.
Calms boisterous behaviour.

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