1 Litre Pure Cod Liver Oil Liquid 100% Fish Oil for Pets and Bait

100% Pure Cod Liver Oil
Rich in valuable omega 3 and 6 oils
Used for Animals and Baits

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Advanced Probiotic & Prebiotic for Dogs & Puppies with Sensitive Stomachs, Gas (120 Tablets); Digestive Enzymes to Better Digestive & Immune Health; 2 Billion CFUs per Tablet; UK Made

HELPS TO MAINTAIN YOUR DOG’S DIGESTIVE HEALTH – Keep your pet’s digestive system running on track! Like humans, the majority of a dog’s immune system resides in his gut. Managing dog’s digestive system is essential to making sure that he stays active, healthy and lives a full life. TUMMY Advanced Probiotics support efficient digestive function and general well-being. Use TUMMY tablets to supplement your pooch with a variety of useful bacteria to keep the gut in check.
CONTRIBUTES TO HEALTHY GUT FLORA – Prepare your pet for a stressful day ahead! When your dog is stressed or under the weather, their stomach can become more sensitive than on a normal day. This can lead to your pup having the runs, bad breath or gas. TUMMY Advanced Probiotics for dogs contain a broad spectrum of healthy bacteria which have been specially chosen for their ability to help support healthy gut flora.
EASY TO GIVE TABLETS – TUMMY dog digestive supplement tablets come in a delicious chicken flavour that your pooch will love. TUMMY contains 5 probiotic bacterial strains (2 billion CFU’s per tablet) in a prebiotic Inulin base and a powerful digestive enzymes blend of Amylase, Protease, Lipase, Cellulase, Lactase and Bromelain. Treat your friend today with tasty TUMMY Advanced Probiotics for dogs!

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Aktivait Capsules for Medium/Large Dogs (Pack of 60)

vetplus aktivait 60 Capsules Type Large Dogs – Supports the Brain at Dementia

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Aktivait Capsules For Small Dogs (Pack of 60)

Cognitive dysfunction is a progressive condition that will tend to get worse with time. For optimal results supplementation with AKTIVAIT┬« should begin as soon as any signs of the condition are seen. It can also be given to dogs from … Read More

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AniForte BARF Complete 500 g for Dogs, High Quality and Natural Barf Supplement with Minerals and Vitamins, Gluten Free, Raw Food Diet

Raw Feeding Dog Supplement with all the important, essential nutrients, minerals like calcium and vitamins
Part of the daily diet made of 100 percent natural ingredients with no artificial additives, bulking agents or other by-products
Free from chemical additives, agents or any artificial substances, sourced from nature’s pharmacy

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Aptus Sport X Electrolytes for All Dogs | For Dog Hydration After Exercise, Sickness, Travelling, or in Stressful Situations

Electrolytes Keep Your Dog Hydrated
Use During & After Exercise – Perfect for Agility, Hiking, Flyball, or Obedience Training
Provides Fast Help After Sickness, Travelling, or Stressful Situations

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Buddy & Lola Dogs Skin and Coat Supplement | Omega 3 Liquid Supplement for Pets Relieves Dry, Itchy Skin, Skin Allergies, And Shedding | 250ml Fish Oil Supplement

SUPERIOR FORMULATION: Our best skin and coat supplement for dogs on the market. Veterinarian formulated with a combination of powerful fish and vegetable oils, essential fatty acids, Omegas, vitamins and star flower oil providing 22% GLA. Safe and all-natural ingredients with essential nutrients to fight skin related conditions such as dry skin, hot spots, excessive shedding and much more, resulting in a silky, hydrated and shiny, healthy coat
MAXIMUM PROTECTION FOR YOUR PET: Our dog skin and coat formula protects and heals dry skin, and it also calms sensitive skin, reduces itching and excessive moulting. Offers protection against bacterial and fungal infections, fleas, ticks or lice. It also has a MAJOR BENEFIT in improving the immune system; reduces any inflammatory reactions
KEEP YOUR DOG HEALTHY: Rich in Omega-3 fish oil, our Skin & Coat is packed with Omega 3 6, and 9 nourishing fatty acids which aid in hydrating your dog’s skin for a soft shiny coat; provides healthy heart support; reduced allergy symptoms; optimum brain function, and boosts immunity, ensuring your dog stays healthy and looks great

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Buddy & Lola Happy Tummy Dog Probiotic Daily Digestive Support with Probiotics, Prebiotics, enzymes, fibre, amino acid. Helps Digestive Disorders and Lose Stools in Dogs

DAILY RELIEF FROM DIARRHOEA, WIND, BLOATING, IBS, BAD BREATH AND CONSTIPATION: This probiotic powder for dogs help with digestive & immune health and can reduce bloating, gas & diarrhoea in all breeds.
IMPROVES DIGESTIVE ENZYMES – Optimum absorption and benefits to improve your dog’s all-round health. This powder contains no wheat or corn or artificial ingredients. Great for pets with sensitive stomachs or dogs that suffer from itchy skin.
EU APPROVED Formula: Made in the UK, this effective formula is approved by veterinarians and safe for adult dogs, older dogs and puppies. Our probiotic powder is easy to sprinkle over dog food – both wet or dry to help provide a balanced diet.

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Canovel Dog & Cat Calcium

Delivery available to UK and International addresses.
This Canovel product is dispatched from the UK.
Sold by Get Pet Supplies, only the best for your pet.

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Capstar Tablets for Cats and Small Dogs

Capstar for Cats and Small Dogs Flea Pills, an article

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Colloidal Spray for Pets, 100 ml, Silver

Premium Colloidal Silver with fine atomiser spray
Contains best quality crystal clear 10ppm colloidal silver
Useful for a wide range of bacterial, viral or fungal purposes

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Cosequin DS Joint Health Supplement Capsules, Pack of 120

Supporting healthy joint function in dogs
Cosequin helps to reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis
Contains glucosamine hcl (fchg49)which is used to form vital components of the cartilage structure to provide a smoother surface for easier movement.

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