10 x Dog Canine Ehrlichia Canis Ehrlichiosis Blood Pet Vet Test Kits

Highly accurate results within 5-10 minutes
Can use serum, plasma or whole blood
Detects Ehrlichia Canis in dogs

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10 x Dog Canine Leishmania (LSH) Leishmaniasis Test Kits

Highly accurate results within 5-10 minutes
Can use serum, plasma or whole blood
Detects Leishmania in dogs

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31LxheL Canine Distemper Dog Virus CDV/CPV Home Nasal Health Test Paper Detection Tool

Item Name: Dog Test Paper.
Quantity: 1 Pc.
Features: Durable, Easy to Use, Portable, Useful.

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Aerosol Inhaler Spacer Chamber for Dogs, Canine Spacer for Doggy Asthma | 2 Mask Sets Included

► DID YOU KNOW THAT CANINE ASTHMA, CHRONIC BRONCHITIS, ALLERGIC BRONCHITIS – are all different names for similar canine respiratory conditions & are relatively common. With incidence increasing, dog owners want to know what the best treatment options are outside of removing environmental factors causing respiratory diseases in dogs…
► WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENT TREATMENT OPTIONS? – Common steroid injections or inhaler medicine. Inhalers = Effective, less side effects, often less traumatic than poor puppy getting needle pokes. An inhaler, puffer, MDI or metered dose inhaler, must be used with an aerosol chamber as a bridge between your dog & inhaler to ensure delivery standards are met. If an aerosol chamber isn’t used, the drug ends up in the back of doggy’s throat & nose, leading to irritation & mild infection…
► WHAT IS A QUALITY CANINE AEROSOL CHAMBER? – Also known as spacers, aerosol chambers need low resistance inhalation & exhalation valves, so your doggy can breathe medication in & out easily. The valves can easily be used for monitoring each breath. Every part of the chamber must be able to be cleaned easily as cleaning instructions indicate in the box & dishwasher-safe. It must come with 2 silicone mask sizes for best fit over your pup’s nose, & at least partially over the mouth…

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Bob Martin Delicious Conditioning Tablets for Dogs, 100 Tablets

Rich in the vitamins essential to help keep them fit and healthy
A delicious complement to your dog’s normal diet
They can also be used when your dog has special requirements such as in puppy hood, convalescence and old age

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Candioli Forbid Dogs And Cats powder 50g

Supplement For Dogs And Cats Forbid Powder 50 Gr

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Cat Aerosol Inhaler Spacer Chamber To Help With Breathing for Feline with Asthma 2 Sizes of Mask, Will Fit all Cats and Small to Mediu Asthma or COPD

► ✔YOUR PERFECT ASTHMA INHALER SPACER CHAMBER-Helps Your Cat to Stay Calm and Breath While Delivering Medication From A (MDI Metered Dose Inhaler)
► THE IDEAL FIT-Two Silicone Masks Small and Medium are Included, Perfect For Any Size Cat
► HIGH QUALITY-Used for Cats With Asthma, BPA Free Anti-Static and Dishwasher Safe For Easy Cleaning Or Just Clean With Mild Soap and Water

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Duke & Co Dog & Cat Diarrhoea Tablets

A packet of 12 diarrhoea tablets for cats and dogs
Helps to aid the symptoms of mild diarrhoea
Suitable for pets over 12 weeks old

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Duke & Co Dog & Cat Travel Tablets

A packet of 24 Travel sickness tablets for cats and dogs
Helps to reduce the effects of motion sickness
Suitable for both cats and dogs, these tablets are made up of a natural herbal remedy

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Embark Veterinary Dog DNA Test | Breed Identification | 160 Health Results | 200K Genetic Markers

BREED DISCOVERY: With a simple cheek swab, Embark uses the most accurate breed identification scientifically possible. The Embark Dog DNA Test Kit tests for over 250 dog breeds, even wolf, coyote, and village dog ancestry.
FAMILY TREE & ANCESTRY: The Embark Dog DNA Test will tell you your dogâs family tree all the way back to great-grandparents. Embark also shows other dogs of similar breed mix to your pup. You can explore their profiles and photos and see how much they resemble your dog.
HEALTHY AGING: Embark tests for over 160 diseases. With our comprehensive genetic testing, you can better plan for healthy aging, with information on everything from genetic diseases to drug sensitivities. Keep your dog healthy longer by testing for genetic diseases that occur later in life including glaucoma, degenerative myelopathy, and dilated cardiomyopathy, three of the most common adult-onset diseases in dogs.

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Etophigh Pet Safe and Natural Grooming Oral Liquid for Removing Eye Stains and Brighting Eyes(20 ml),Pet Oral Liquid

Safe:the oral liquid does not contain any toxic substances,and it is harmless and safe for pets and you can be assured of purchase.
Convenient:the dropper design can help you feed pet,which can save much time and efforts.
Solving Eye Stains:it can inhibit the lacrimal gland effective which is the most fundamental way to remove eye stains and give you a beautiful and clean pet.

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