Animology Coat And Body Supplement Capsules For Dogs

A formulation of ingredients specifically blended to improve the overall condition, health and appearance of a dog.
60 capsules.

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Animology Dog Prebiotic Multi-Vitamins Capsules, Pack of 60

Contains 18 vitamins and minerals – To provide optimum nutritional support for dog health and vitality.
Contains MSM – To provide nutritional assistance for joints and connective tissue.
Contains Inulin – A prebiotic that feeds and stimulates growth of beneficial bacteria in the dog’s large intestine to help prevent flatulence, loose stools and improve general digestive health.

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Animology Prebiotic Multivit Plus Supplement Capsules, Pack of 60

Joint care
Flatulance control
18 vitamins & minerals

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Animology Senior Supplement For Dogs (60 Capsules)

All the essential ingredients to provide superior health support for dogs in their senior years.
60 capsules.

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Beaphar Calcium Tablets

Ideal for puppies and nursing females
Help to promote healthy growth of bones, teeth, skin and coat
Contains high quality minerals

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Beaphar Duo Active Vitamin/Prebiotic Paste for Cats, 100 g

Helps promote a shiny and healthy coat
Recommended for cats or kittens over 3 months
Contains the vitamins and minerals that your cat needs, as well as taurine

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Beaphar Vet Strength Joint Tablets for Dogs 60 Tabs (3 Packs)

Vet Strength
180 Tablets = 90 days worth!
Liver Flavoured

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Complederm 5:1

Complederm 5:1 is a palatable nutritional supplement for dogs and cats containing a biologically balanced formulation of essential fatty acids, co-factors (minerals and vitamins) and zinc. The GLA is derived from evening primrose and the EPA from cold marine fish … Read More

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Denamarin Tablets

Denamarin provides high-level support for your pet’s liver
Denamarin contains SAMe and Silybin which are powerful active ingredients that help to protect and regenerate liver cells
Easy to dose tablets

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DORWEST HERBS Arnica 15c Homeopathic Remedy for Dogs and Cats

An essential item for First Aid kits
Counteracts distress and agitation following a fearful occurrence
Suitable from 8 weeks of age

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